Diploma in Fashion Designing

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Diploma in Fashion Designing

In this era Fashion designing is the most glamorous, appealing, exciting and lucrative career option. If you have the passion for creativity, style and making patterns in different ways, a career in fashion designing is the career made for you. On one hand, the fashion industry fulfills both the creative, fancies and the materialistic needs of the people. On the other hand, it promises fame, glamor, success and a high salary package to the talented fashion designers. If you have the passion for creating magic with colors, designs, and shapes then this professional course is made for you to begin a successful career in the charming world of fashion designing.

Program Duration 1 Year

Eligibility Criteria
After successful completion of class 10th, the student can apply for the diploma course in fashion designing.

  1. 1  Theory of Fashion
  2. 2  Embroidery
  3. 3  Sketching (Basic Croquies)
  4. 4  Elements of Design
  5. 5  Fashion history
  6. 6  Textile Making
  7. 7  Sketching
  8.      Legs
  9.      Hats
  10.      Feet
  11.      Face
  12.      Sketching Features
  1. 8  Basics of Drafting
  2. 9  Garment Construction
  3. 10  Draftinga
  4. 11  Pattern
  5. 12  Construction file
  6. 13  Sketching
  7.      Draping
  8.      Coloring
  9.      Portfolio
  1. 15  Construction of Designer kurta
  2. 16  Training
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